About Rocket Command


Carnegie Mellon Rocket Command (CMRC) is one of the only aerospace student organizations on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. We offer a wide range of experiences for members depending on their level of interest and technical skill, from building small model rockets from kits to building high powered rockets with electronic parachute deploy systems.

Members can learn about the design of rockets, motor sizes and functions, weight distribution, aerodynamic stability, optimal recovery techniques and more. Once they have experience with some successful launches, members can build an NAR Level 1 High Power Certification Rocket. These use higher powered motors and require a licence by the National Association of Rocketry to obtain. Once a Level 1 Certification is obtained, members are also able to attempt a Level 2 Certification, and eventually a Level 3 Certification.

A sub-team of our organization participates in the NASA Student Launch Competition, which is an annual challenge for middle school through university level teams to design, build, test, and fly a rocket one mile high while completing an scientific experiment during flight.


Carnegie Mellon Rocket Command WINS NASA USLI Altitude Competition!! Out of 45 university teams, CMRC’s Launch Vehicle, PLAID, has reached the apogee closest to the goal apogee of 5,280 ft with a final apogee of 5,367 ft. Congratulations Team!!

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